A little about you…

Why hello there, handsome. I am ecstatic that you found me. I have a feeling that I am just what you have been looking for. As I look forward to telling you about myself, I thinks it is important that we first discuss you. You’re a gentleman, charismatic, and ambitious. You live your life passionately and love what you do. Yet there is something else that you crave and desire. So you find yourself here, looking for something extraordinary that doesn’t exist in your current day to day life. Whether it’s an intellectual conversation, a passionate physical experience, or you simply enjoy the energy of a young free spirit. I am excited to take care of you. I spend my time with men who take pride in adoring and treating women like the goddesses they are. Someone who feels they can be a mentor or a friend. A man who is looking forward to leaving the outside world behind us as we escape into a dreamland together. 

A little about me…

She lay awake at night listening to the silence of her small town. With every wave that crashes against the shore she slips deeper into her fantasy of bright city lights and fast moving people. A place where people chase dreams and test their boundaries. She craves an energy only New York City can offer her. So she came up with a plan to allow these dreams to become her reality. 

So here I am. My strong personality, focus, and persistence has brought me to this incredible city. I’m living my dream and loving every second of it. People say that my positive out look on life inspires them and helps remind them of the importance of staying ambitious. During my time here in the city I have become a lover of the finer things in life and I look forward to indulging with you. 

My light olive skin and flawless complexion will make it hard for your hands to resist a touch. You’ll find comfort in gently tracing your fingers between small scattered freckles up and down my silk like skin. My luxurious curves will have you begging to hold on tighter. As you are appreciating my golden brown locks your eyes will fall onto my lips. Plush, pink, and soft they will tease you as I throw back my head in laughter at our fun and light hearted conversations. Our eyes lock and you notice how beautiful they are and that you see a flash of bright green every time the sun hits them. Full brows, high cheek bones and long lashes have you struggling to choose what to appreciate first. A young beautiful face or my tight curves perfectly defined by the dress delicately hanging from my body. Well, lucky for you this is a decision you will take pleasure in making. 

…. now who’s ready to hop in the bath and sip some champagne. xx