Fly me to you

Maybe you don’t have any plans to visit NYC any time soon, but are still eager to meet me. I LOVE a fly me to you! (or train me to you if possible). I’m an amazing packer, never miss my flights, and always on time. Safe to say im an expert traveler! Imagine me taking care of all the fussy details and arriving in your charming city for a night full of passion, giggle, bubbles and culinary delights. Don’t forget the mornings though, thats the best part. Me in my natural state, completely comfortable and relaxed. Maybe we share some cuddles (I love to cuddle) and breakfast in bed. Maybe we hit the town for some mimosas. I cant wait to see all that your city holds!

East coast - Minimum of 3 hrs - 3000

Midwest - Minimum of 6 hrs - 4500

West coast - Minimum 12 hrs - 6500

For longer dates & travel please enquire.

Please give me some details on what you have in mind and I’ll give you a quote that I find appropriate for the occasion. Not all trips are created equal :) Lets create memories that we will carry forever.

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